Melea Smith, APR

Melea Smith, APR

The Communications and Public Relations Office acts as a liaison between the school district and its various stakeholders including students, parents, employees and community members. This department coordinates various communication efforts, including print and online publications, Talk205 email and telephone messages, news releases and community engagement opportunities. Numerous additional programs are implemented through this office, including coordination with the Elmhurst District 205 Foundation, York Community High School alumni relations, volunteer recruitment and placement, as well as community/committee involvement. For more information, call 630-993-8863 or 630-941-4719.

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Director of Communications

Smith, Melea
Director of Communications and Public Relations msmith@elmhurst205.org

Assistant to Communications and York Alumni

Hollstein, Debbie
Administrative Assistant - Communications/Alumni dhollstein@elmhurst205.org

Electronic Communications Specialist

Schroeder, Katherine
Electronic Communications Specialist kschroeder@elmhurst205.org