Frequently Asked Questions

Banner on York High School's Fence

How do I get permission to hang a banner on the York High School fence at St. Charles and Spring Roads?

Email Drew McGuire or 630-617-2422

Community Flyers

I would like to request a community flyer be posted on the district website.

Email Debbie Hollstein  or 630-941-4719

Facility Rental

I would like to rent a room/field at an elementary or middle school building.

Email Pam Knighton or 630-834-4530

I would like to rent a room/field at York Community High School. 

Email Kelly Corry or 630-617-2403

Foster Children

I am a foster parent.  How do I register my student?

Email Ellen M. Walsh or 630-617-2304

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

I would like to request information using FOIA.

Email Ellen M. Walsh or 630-617-2304

Homeless Family

How does the district determine if a child is homeless?

Email Vanessa Bressani or 630-617-8328


My family is new to District 205 schools and I want to register my children for school. 

Please contact your child's home school, or check the Enrollment page.

I have a question about online registration.

Email  Martha Minkema or  630-617-2315

            Carol Esposito or  630-617-8263 

I have a question about paying for registration online.

Email  Adrian Gaerlan or 630-617-2323

Student Teacher/Observation Hours

I have a question about student teaching or observation hours (over 10 hours).

Email Monica Contreras-Ramirez or  630-617-2302

Substitute Teacher/Staff

How do I apply to be a substitute teacher?

Fill out an application online

Work Permit for Underage Children

I need a work permit for my under-aged child.

School days:

Email Bridget Baker or  630-617-2442


Email Kelly Corry or 630-617-2487

York High School

I am a York alumnus.  I need information about upcoming reunions and/or update my contact information.

Email  Debbie Hollstein or 630-941-4719