Be Ready for Weather-Related Late Start or Closing

When District 205 determines that weather conditions or an emergency situation warrant implementation of the Late Start schedule, families and employees will be notified in the same manner they are notified of a school closing. A phone call and email notice will be sent via Talk205.

The first place this information will be posted is on the District 205 homepage (by 5:45 AM). An important distinction between the two emergency options should be noted: if there will be two hour delay to the school day the notice will read “Late Start – Two Hour Delay” and if there is a school cancellation, the notice will state “School Closed Today.” There is no provision for a weather-related early release. Absent any notification, school will be in session as usual.  For complete details, please visit the Emergency Closings page of the District 205 website.

District 205 implemented a Late Start plan as an alternative to cancelling school for an entire day due to an emergency, such as inclement weather. A Late Start schedule (not to be confused with Student Late Arrival days) would be used if weather conditions are expected to improve and/or clear up following an overnight storm, allowing students and staff to travel to school safely.

The Late Start schedule would allow District 205 to avoid losing a full day of instruction, maintain the school calendar, meet the State requirements for number of school days, and capture a significant portion of the instructional day. In the event that a Late Start day is implemented, there would not be a need to use an end of-the-year emergency make-up day. As we approach winter, it is important to remember that if a Late Start schedule is activated:

  • Schools will begin exactly two hours later than usual.
  • All buses will operate exactly two hours behind their usual schedule.
  • Student drop-off time will be two hours later than usual.
  • Morning (AM) kindergarten and early childhood classes will be cancelled. Afternoon (PM) kindergarten and early childhood classes will begin and end at their usual times.
  • Morning (AM) Rec Station child care will not be available.  (Please note that in cases where school is closed for the day, there will not be Rec Station care for either AM or PM.)
Posted by: Katherine Schroeder Published:3/4/13
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