Curricular Technology Committee

Committee Charter

The Curricular Technology Committee (CTC):

  • Assists in reviewing/refining the District Technology Vision
  • Assists in reviewing the District Technology Plan annually and drafting a new Plan every three years
  • Seeks input from and responds to curricular technology related questions, recommendations, or requests from other groups
  • Assists in the establishment and regular review of District technology implementation goals, spending priorities, and operational processes and procedures

The committee serves an advisory role. Membership is voluntary with representation from all buildings. The committee is co-led by Dr. Michelle Fitzgerald, Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Teaching, and David Smith, Director of Technology.

2014-15 CTC Meetings and Focus

Two meetings are planned, one in October 2014 and one in February 2015. The meetings are after school.

The main focus of this year's committee is the revision of the 2012-15 Technology Plan to extend it another 3 years through 2018. A variety of stakeholders from all schools, including grade level teams, curriculum liaisons, and teacher reps on this Curricular Technology Committee, are providing input to the plan. The plan will be published before the end of the school year and it will drive the technology purchase and deployment plans.