EEPRT - Programs and Timelines

Art (K-12)

Beth Gregor

Gifted Education (3-8) and Honors/AP (9-12)

Charlotte Kulla

Bilingual/ELL (K-12)

Theresa Ulrich

Health Services

Stephen Smith

Career/Technical Education (9-12)

Rob Wagner

Interscholastic Sports (9-12)

John Rutter

Class Size (K-3) (4-5) (6-8) (9-12)

Charles Sprandel

Library Services (EC-12)

Cathy Baker

Counseling (6-12)

Melissa Couch

PE (K-12)

Michele Brown

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
(includes professional development)

Karen Sullivan

Reading Support (K-12)

Laura Pfanenstiel

Drivers Education/BTW

Diana Smith

Related Services
(OT, PT, SW, Speech, Psych, itinerant)

Cindy Gotha

Early Childhood - At Risk Pre K

Susan Kondrat

Special Education (EC-12) Instruction
(reg yr and ESY ) and Coordination

Meg Schnoor and Jane Bailey

Extracurricular Clubs (K-12)

Dave Creech

Summer School

Amy Read and Mary Ann Kalis

Freshman Cohort

Brad Hillman

UA/Exploratory (6-8)

Jeff Gail

General Music/Band/Orchestra/Vocal (K-12)

Rich Groeling

World Language (3-12)

Connie Chester


Administrative Services

Ryan Anderson

Communication Services

Melea Smith

Buildings & Grounds

Jim Pluskota


David Smith


Pat Masterton


Jeff Hartman


September 2010 October 2010 November 2010 December 2010 January 2011
  • Communication to Staff
  • Presentation to PTA Board Members
  • Program Review Committees are formed
  • Program Review work begins
  • Solicit parent and community member participation in joining the Ranking Committee Program Review work continues
  • Select parent and community members to serve on Ranking Committee
  • Program Review Reports finalized
  • Initial EEPRT Committee Reports due December 3
  • Revised Reports due December 21,2010
  • 15-minute Presentations (January 4 & 13 from 5-8:30 PM and January 5 & 12 from 6-9 PM. Note:Committee members must attend all meetings.)
  • Electronic Rankings take place
  • Initial Budget Recommendations using EEPRT results (End of January/ beginning of February)